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At a fraction of the cost of conventional fan type duct control systems, the REDWING NOZZLE controls most of the dust emissions in a typical load-out operation.

The Model G-680 is a compact, self-contained unit, energized by the falling particulate matter and simply attaches to the end of the load-out spout. It is 27 1/2 inches in diameter and 45 inches tall and can handle flow rates up to 12,000 BPH

The redwing nozzle incorporates and takes advantage of a series of physical laws to create a clean, controlled flow of material from the nozzle to the receiving vessel.

The worst enemy of clean stream  delivery is air. The first objective then of the Nozzle's function is to remove the air from the material. The next step is then to separate as much of the dust as possible from the heavier particles momentarily and reintroduce the fines into the center of the flowing material stream where the heavier particles will act as a moving conduit within which the fines will travel.

Redwing Dust Control Nozzle