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Redwing Dust Control Nozzle

Instructions for Loading Trucks

There are three important things to remember when using a REDWING DUST CONTROL NOZZLE to load trucks:

1. The material stream must always miss the "cross bows" over the trailer.

2. The material stream must always miss the "web strips" over the cross bows.

3. Always start loading at the "lowest point" in the trailer as follows:

Using the diagram above, start at Position No. 1. When this position is full, back up the trailer to Position No. 2 and top off the front. Then pull the trailer forward while continuing to load material to Position No. 3. Once Position No. 3 is full, pull forward to Position No. 4. When Position No. 4 is full, back up trailer and top off at Position No. 5 and when full, continue to load and pull forward to Position No. 6 and top off rear.